women and male animal [f/m]

  1. FrostO9

    Question for the Women.

    I am genuinely curious. I have watched many many videos and read a lot of "true" stories about women taking a dog knot or a flared horse and the knot or flare getting lodged/stuck inside and it's unable to come out at all until the swelling subsides a bit. My question is how secure is that lock...
  2. ttk9

    Why do women always wear masks in k9 porn?

    Me and my boyfriend watch a lot of k9 and horse porn together, and we have noticed that idk, 90% of the time women wear those carnival masks (or whatever theyre called) in k9 vids, but rarely do in horse vids. why is that? is it a thing? cus i mean, it doesnt really hide their faces, so thats...
  3. Josie

    I was nervous But it happened. My first experience

    Hi, I wanna share something. from last year i'm reading about beastiality and watching videos. But i never had a courage to try myself. Yesterday it happened. I'm 20 and I have 2 yrs old large Mastiff mix.His name is Rex. From last few weeks I let him lick my pussy but I was too nervous to let...