woman and male dog

  1. N


    is there a dogwife who wants to live with her own male dog,as his wife? human body,but as a female dog,wants to live with her dear only male dog.
  2. Nightwalker762

    Wet dreams with a dog

    I had a dream last night, I was being mounted by a Bull Mastiff several times, it felt so good and realistic, I've been bred by a dog before but it has been at least 6 years ago or more, it feels so different compared to a human, idk how to explain. Sad that irl I can't really try something like...
  3. werqu

    Steps in becoming a dog-lover [F/M]

    Please take a look at the pictures before voting. Preview: ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ (Copyright: Everfire-Comics)
  4. S

    Medias y zoofilia

    me encantan las mujeres que usan medias, en especial que estén descalzas, sobre todo cuando lo hacen con un animal. Les dejo en este post unos videos de mujeres, medias y perros.