1. fursuitCubGuy

    Stay vigilant

    Lotta wack jobs out there y’all, stay vigilant and be careful who you chat with. Just had this dude constantly bug me about showing him my suits so pretty sure mans was trying to “expose” me
  2. FloofyNewfie

    A Breakdown on the Warning Points System

    This thread is to serve as a basic comprehensive breakdown of the warning points system and what warning points/strikes mean. Baring zoo-sadism, pedophilia, being under the age of 18, doxing (as in posting PII of someone else), spamming advertising links, and a handful of other rule infractions...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Things your dog should NOT be chewing on

    I initially posted this as a reply to a user on here, but I figure that that this information should be in a thread of it's own. Here are some things that your dog should NOT be chewing on nor playing with... 1) Rawhide - Dogs can chew off large pieces and swallow it whole. Leading to it...
  4. FloofyNewfie

    Please don't post a picture of yourself as an avatar.

    I have reached out to about 13 or 14 users so far who have posted a picture of themselves as their avatar. Some of whom claim to have animal partners. What is even more sad is that many of the women users that post these pictures tend to get posts on their wall about how beautiful and sexy they...