1. FloofyNewfie

    Zoo Research and Data OSS and Vasectomy - Vet Directory (U.S.)

    I'm going to post this resource in two forms. URL and a downloadable PDF file. URL: The PDF file is mainly just in case this website is ever taken down, I still want this resource to be easily accessible to zoos should they decide...
  2. benjaminwonders

    Is there a wide range of research and statistics?

    Hi, i wonder the physchology behind bestiality so want to get more info and statistics. For example who are more into it, girls or boys? How about veterinarians? You think what is the percentage of them being into? You think all girls who have dog(s) do something certainly? Let's dig this topic :)
  3. FloofyNewfie

    I'm Scared to Take My Female Dog to The Vet

    Hello all, don't worry my girls are in good health. So my fears may or may not be rational. I fuck my Newfie girl quite often and sometimes cum will just leak out of her vagina. I fear that it might happen one day when I eventually do need to take my girl to the vet. One time I hadn't fucked...