1. i_am_a_sad_girl

    Coping with being unattractive to dogs + having no animals in my life? :(

    Hi there. I'm a rather sad girl, with an even sadder past, as my name says... I usually don't post much, usually I just lurk, but right now I need some advice + to get something off my chest. I'm a feline therian, meaning I identify as (or, more accurately, identify with) a cat. Rather...
  2. HoundDogRuffDog

    Justice for Homer (depressing and anti-zoo)

    So, I was watching some equestrian videos by this awesome gal who trains her horses with love and care and kindness. She doesn't use mouth bits, no spurs, she's just awesome with horses and I respect her so much. I was just doodling fun and kind zoo pride drawings (I still got the pride week...
  3. U

    I love it and hate it

    My interest in animals is distressing me a lot. I've been letting the family dog lick my cock and asshole and she likes it, especially if I use peanut butter. Anyway, I only let her lick me when my family isn't home, which is semi-occasional. I get really excited when I hear I'm going to be home...