united kingdom

  1. Knutshack

    Hello! 18M from UK

    I've been on the site for a while and have the official status as a citizen here 😊💗 however I've never introduced myself in this section I'm a guy, 18, from the south east of UK, I'm here to chat with other like-minded people into what I am into. I'm also looking for meetups, but that will...
  2. Knutshack

    Adding more specific areas for each country for personal ads and meetup such as north west, south west, south east, north east, etc.

    I'm from UK and most of the ads I've found are posted from the north of UK, I'm from south east and it's rare for me to find anyone else from.the same region My suggestions is that, within each country, such as United Kingdom, there could be further sections named North West, North East, South...
  3. ThatDarnFoxo

    Hi Everyone - Pretty New Here!

    Decided it's time to be a bit less shy about what I like & who I am so I'm saying hi! Long time animal lover & stealth Zoo here pretty much fell into this category around 97-98 before realizing it was a thing. So far have never had the opportunity to explore & pretty much kept it to myself. Got...
  4. D

    UK peeps :)

    Hello everyone, iv been lurking for a while now and thought id try and do some interacting. Hope you are all doing well :) wanna chat with like-minded people and just make friends. Not hunting for owners, just want to not feel as alone. UK West Yorkshire M What species of animal do you love...
  5. sanctuarybody

    25YO Bi Male UK (Looking for K9/Mare Owners)

    Hey everyone! I’m a bisexual guy in his mid twenties with male and female dog experience and looking to add to this after my dog sadly passed earlier this year. Also into trying my first mare if any farmers are looking for new mates etc! Hope to chat to some of you ☺️
  6. Johnterry4658

    Hello people.

    Someone once said introductions are difficult, I'm here to say; they were right. Hello there, I'm relatively new to this site, still kind of finding my way around. Looking forward to finding out more, but for now. Peace. ✌
  7. delicute

    Hey, new here!

    Hey guys, I’m pretty inexperienced but curious, so I find myself here. I just recently turned 19 a few weeks ago but all my zoo experiences were when I was younger. I’ve always been interested but never confident enough to explore this side of myself.. however I didn’t know until now that...
  8. intel358

    Hello from South Wales

    Just to say Hello from South Wales, UK. Single man, living alone and planning to get a male dog, hopefully soon. May be Staffie (not sure yet). Looking for open minded people around in South Wales. Kind of new in to all this, but have enough free time. It will be nice to make some local...