1. Ecomouse123

    Zoo vacation!

    Where on earth can someone go on vacation to experience being knotted in relative safety?
  2. beardeddude84

    Travel advice

    If this is in the wrong section I apologize. I am going to be taking a 4 day trip to any where in the USA soon, just for fun. And was looking for some advice on where I should potentially go. Was hoping to find a dog friendly town or section of a city to visit when i go. Any suggestions on...
  3. D

    Traveling with a Dog overseas.

    Are there people who travels with their pet overseas? How was your experience on a plane? Pros? Cons? I think that the big reason why I don't have a pet is because I don't want to be stuck in my country because of a pet 😆 I see a lot if videos in YouTube doing it and seems to be ok.