1. J

    Texans! Do you really want to split from the US?

    So I've heard about Texas being the most nationalistic (state-alistic?) state in the US, but I didn't know how far that went until I saw a TikTok account called the Texas Nationalist Movement or something like that. The man running that account cconstantly just argues about how Texas should...
  2. C

    29 M Zoo4Lyfe

    I’ve been interested in zoo since I could remember, but I’m finally deciding to admit that to myself and now anyone reading. I’m here to educate myself, find Texas friends, and hopefully a partner. Hello everybody :3 I’m in Austin, would love to meet up and chat. Pansexual af
  3. A

    New to this 29 f Texas , rediscovering myself and zoo

    New to the lifestyle and everything
  4. Legoshi01

    Hello from texas

    Hi everyone, jusy joined a few days ago and just stopping in to say hello to everyone. I havent been on a related forum in years and really miss connecting with like minded friends. Have experience with mostly male dogs and horses. Have been active since my early teens. I have 2 sweet boy dogs...
  5. B

    New user

    Good afternoon everybody, I am a new user to the site! I'm located near dallas and am looking forward to making some friends and enjoying what this community has to offer! Respectfully, B.
  6. kdi69

    New(ish) around here

    Hello, all! I'm K., a mid-thirties, Pan, queer, genderfluid, redhead with a lengthy history of zoo feelings and behaviors. Ummm, interestingly (and sadly), I once interviewed Dr. Miletski for a proposed podcast I intended to do for a sex shop chain I was the marketing director for at the...
  7. knottygay


    Hi there! I wanted to say formally say hello as im pretty new here. I have been interested for a long time but always never had courage to act on it including uploading a pic of myself which is a big step. (Avatar is me) I have always had some sort of animal magnet since and the animals around...
  8. Koula

    20 year old male in El Paso Texas

    Looking for near by owners to share and start friendships with
  9. S

    New in dfw

    Im a young ftm new to this scene... im pre op but been on hormones a good while with all the ecpected side effects... looking for a dog to lick me while a man or woman watches... curious about the rest...
  10. T

    Howdy from Texas

    I’m a 24 y/o male near the DFW area. I lurked a lot on BF back in the day and am hoping to Ben more active here. I’m looking to meet likeminded individuals and maybe have some experiences in the future. If any one is interested feel free to contact me. P.S. I will also be in South Carolina...
  11. D

    Texas guys?

    Hey everyone! Just found the community and im so excited I'm not alone anymore!!!! :) anybody maybe wanna chat? I'm still sorta new :)
  12. BlackLyon

    Hello ZOOCIETY

    Hello people, guys, girls, people in Between My name is Bastian, I'm from Texas specifically from Dallas, born and raised on a ranch, i work as a Model sometimes and im in colleges finishing my veterinarian School I am the youngest of two brothers also boys. My experience with zoophilia dates...
  13. Zoocurious

    Hi From Dallas.Tx.

    Any Dallas friends into this? Males only plz. Hope to find someone near me.