1. WizNick

    Advice on training a butt to take a dog

    So down the road if an opportunity presented itself I'd love to experience getting mounted by a dog and filled, but with that said I never really do anal stuff. So what are some tips, devices, etc to help prepare me for that moment when a dog takes me? My first thought is Bad Dragon dildos but...
  2. A

    english pointer with a small vagina how to penetrate her

    hello I come to you today because I would like to try zoophilia with my dog who is a 4 year old English pointer but I come up against a problem which is that I cannot penetrate her because her vagina is too small how can I must do to be able to succeed thank you for your help
  3. K

    Como empezar la vida Zoo

    Quieres iniciarte en zoo? Ok. Tengo la 2 parte :cool: