1. B

    Hello from Denmark/Sweden (28M)

    Hello all! Finally convinced myself to make a proper profile. I find myself repeatedly coming back to the site looking and hoping for something to happen. So figured it was finally time to do a bit more. Would love to get mounted by a dog or horse, or just to get to touch, play and taste them...
  2. erikssonadnama

    New here from Sweden

    New user interested in finding friends for exploration. 27 male from Sweden Stockholm and my dog is an American Bully XL soon 2 years old.
  3. D


    Sorry my latest post was only in Swedish lol So was wondering how many active swedes are on here and if you are on other forums too? Have any other kinks besides zoo?
  4. Thirsty_Boy

    Just joined - Hello from Sweden (:

    Hey! Bisexual boy from Sweden here, musician/student. I'm always looking for kinky and open-minded people to chat with so feel free to message me if you want to ^^ I'm open to pretty much anything but I would love to meet some Swedes! I've been into zoo stuff since highschool but never really...