1. Sdane96

    Beastforum run away but here to stay

    Was a longgggg time viewer of the old site and found this one not long ago. Decided to jump in and see what’s out with some like minded friends! 26 M here with soon to be stud of a lab/mastiff in the central California area but also commute for work all over California.
  2. knottydog916


    I’d imagine a lot of us are into big dog knots and horse cocks, so how many of y’all are also into fisting and gaping? I feel like it goes pretty hand-in-hand with zoophilia. I love stretching and pumping both holes, reminds me of horses 😛 What’s the biggest toy you can fit? Mine is the...
  3. Sheppermutt

    Update/warning on vaginal dilators...

    I made this post earlier. My girl has completed the last bit of her heartworm treatment last year, so we're slowly re-introducing hyper speed and other fun activities. With that she can again enjoy orgasms. I again had the house to myself for a bit. In short, she came twice from my fingers and...
  4. Sheppermutt

    Vaginal Dilators for a canine girl?

    Hear me out. As some of you might remember from my previous posts, I have a spayed 47 pound shepherd mix girl and unfortunately she is too small for me to mate with her. So I was getting some relationship advice from some regular people, (no idea im zoo) and brought up how I physically can't...
  5. FloofyNewfie

    Stretching a dogs vagina out?

    Oh boy, I hope I'm not opening a big can of worms by posting this. Try to keep things civil. So many zoos attest to the ability of stretching a dogs vagina out. But there seems to be an equal amount that says it cannot be done. The method I was told about involved starting out with small sex...