sloppy seconds

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    Sloppy seconds?

    I would be interested in hearing from guys who have topped their 2 - legged female after she was filled by her k9 companion. How was that experience for you? Did it make you feel inadequate following the girth and volume she had just received or were you just so turned on that you hammered away...
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    Knotting training How to?

    Need some advice 😬😬😬😬 I'm from austria and my BF and I had some dirty talk and also serious talk about dogs etc. We were talking and he found this page. I hope it's not fake🤞 anyway, I'm scared of the knottt, we have a labrador to watch after and had conversations bout creampie etc. Is there...
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    New to ZV

    somewhat experienced with well hung GSP fucking my wife, cum everywhere. I like to fuck her sloppy seconds. Am I wrong here? Anyone else like to do this?
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    Newbie here.

    I’m just wanting to learn about new and different things. I’ve read many of the post and figured it’s time to try the water. I’m looking for advice and maybe a mentor. Feel free to let me know any mistakes I might be doing. I’m a male interested in training a male k9 too share and assist other...