1. A

    Goat love

    Need help with goat sex any Gide please
  2. Juniork9

    When I found out I was a zoophile?

    I am from the interior of Brazil and the zoophilia is almost natural. At nine or ten, my cousins and I ate chickens. It was normal to hear reports from people who related only to bitches, mares, donkeys. And even an aunt who would identify with a Brazilian line. But, things started to get...
  3. Mulegazer

    Brilliant funny video with beasty reference

    So I discovered a video this morning and it's pretty darned funny. It's set in the American Old West, involves a narrator (The great Nick Offerman!) everyone can hear, and, at around the 6 minute mark, touches on our favorite subject. Beasty reference aside, I think you'll find it worth your...