sex with animal

  1. MatekSol19

    Poll #1: How many times have you had sex with a horse or another animal in your life?

    I had sex with mares two times in my life.
  2. GayZoo92

    Need Help

    I am Andrei from the Philippines and I need help on how to get started with animals. I have jerked off to them but want to fuck them. I am gay when it comes to humans but bisexual when it comes to animals. Interested in dogs and horses.
  3. Zog007

    Looking for a play mate near Melbourne AUS

    Hi I’m a 20yo bi man living near Croydon I’m a average build and very open minded about trying out people’s kinks. I’m looking for a Dog Owner or just a casual fuckbuddy of ether sex. Please PM me if interested.
  4. Madman21

    New dog suggestions

    Hey everyone, I’m gonna be getting a new dog and want to know everyone’s suggestions on a new dog, haven’t decided on male or female yet but if you could add both pluses and negatives it would be appreciate greatly. Bi male here, preferably a medium sized dog breed with a good temper and can...
  5. B

    How to convince her to let me in

    My neighbor has a dog who recently came into heat (not the first one, she has had puppies before), I've always been interested in her and I've always waited for this moment, but she just won't let me in. initially in the early days of heat I thought it was just natural behavior, but now it has...