1. reddynator1

    Hello again :3

    Got locked out of my other Reddynator account. Changed the password when I was high..... so yea, here I am again ahahah Late 20s pan guy from the beautiful province of Quebec. Always open to chat ;)
  2. reddynator

    Hi! 28, bi, QC

    Good morning, Happy to have stumble on that forum. Such an immense amount of information! I'm still new to all this even though I always knew I liked zoo. It's nice to be able to chat with like-minded people. I prone respect, trust and openness. I'm in the greater Montreal region. Hit me up...
  3. D

    Thinking of owning a dog....

    I'm single, i'm in my 40s and I crave for affection. I am thinking that maybe a dog would be good for me. I am doing a lot of research and there are a few things that are stopping me to get one, time, money and the desire to travel. I also don't want to sterilize my future pet unless it a...