1. irish1982

    My Boy

    Meet my boy Don, this picture is him at 2 weeks old, he’ll be ready to come home to me at the end of November!
  2. P

    New puppy - rules?

    We got a puppy (male). In a few months he will reach sexual maturity. How do you handle this? Are there any rules? Prohibitions? I am looking for real experience reports from people who have already been in the same situation and are active with their male dog and have no problems in everyday life.
  3. irish1982

    Sexually active K9 age

    I’m now the proud own of a Rottweiler puppy, I was wondering at what age do you reckon he would be sexually active from?, this is me entering my first ever zoo experience and I’m excited but also want to be as educated on the subject as possible.
  4. A

    When to start playing with a new dog?

    So i’m finally in a position to start looking at puppies! I’m going to be getting a belgian malinois, gender isn’t decided as i’m prioritizing temperament (this dog is going to be a working dog). My biggest question is, assuming the dog shows interest, when is the best time to start ‘playing’...
  5. A

    how to raise a puppy??

    hi! very new to zoo stuff here but here goes. my family is getting a new dog. he is a male and he is young right now, but i’m in college, so there are gaps that i’ll see him though. he will be probably 5-7 months old by the time i’m home full time again (i’m trying to learn age specifics rn) i...
  6. ninnasissy

    Ladies and Gents... meet my boy 🥰🥰🥰

    After more then 6 months of searching, i finally found him, it was love at first sight
  7. S

    Puppy training

    Hey there im just wonderin if i where to get a pup which i cant rn due to my living conditions but once im able to i probably will, anyway, beyond the normal raising when and how do i bring in more sensual things? Id like to be as prepared as possible when it does happens xD If this have been...
  8. ImpulseTheFox

    Socializing a puppy without weekly "puppy group"

    Hello, I've recently got my lovely Husky girl :husky_love: She's now 11 weeks old, and I wanted to visit a local weekly "puppy group" with her since she was 10 weeks old, where she should have played and socialized with other puppies her age. However the group is now cancelled for the next few...
  9. MRYP

    Should my female get puppies?

    "I want to breed my dog" Everyone probably thought about having a puppy off of their own dog at one point in their life. I surely did. But breeding dogs, isn't as "easy" as it seems, because there are many questions and facts that come along with having the desire to breed ones dog: - Is my...
  10. Okami

    I got Another Puppy

    Always wanted a Malamute, so I finally went and got one. Only gonna post 1 pic for safety/security as she is pretty recognizable. She is so sweet and loyal already. Can’t wait til she gets bigger.
  11. G

    Heart Murmurs in Large Breed Puppies

    Hi everyone, This coming weekend I will be picking up my first fur baby! My family has owned plenty of dogs, but this one will be the first I am raising on my own. I picked my fur baby out of the littler when it was born and now that he is 8 weeks old he's ready to come home. The breeder and I...