1. A

    A Gay Pup New to the Scene

    Hello, all. I am a stray omega pup. New to the pup community and somewhat new to the zoo community as well. I grew up on a ranch where we had horses and many dogs and I’ve seen and touched some beautiful things. Now that I am in my early 30’s and single, I am looking for a handler who would be...
  2. zooey4life

    NI gender fluid zoocurious

    Greetings I am a new person to zooville and curious about zoophilia, zoosexuality, beastiality however people want to define it as it’s different for everyone I am from Northern Ireland, I am 24 and I am curious yet inexperienced. I identify as gender fluid and go by they/them pronouns and...
  3. B

    New to site owner in southern Cali

    I’m a owner of a active stud and looking to make new friends. Our last friend moved away after collage and my boy would love to have some new friends