1. Junior22

    Zoophilia Is Morally Permissible, Fira Bensto

    Hey, Peter Singer has made is come back on the topic zoophilia : Article available here: and on "Articles & Blogs" What are you thoughts on this?
  2. D

    Did you know that Jeremy Bentham, one of illuminism's most important philosopher, argued in favor of the decriminalization of bestiality?

    I could not find much stuff about this topic in the internet, but I did find two independent sources that say he positioned himself in favor of bestiality. One says: "[...] Similarly, his recently published writings on sex contain arguments for the toleration of bestiality that carefully...
  3. Otter4Bear

    Zoosexual Manifesto

    Hey guys! I couldn't sleep and decided to put together my own pattern of behavior as it pertains to our furry fluffy fuzzy friends. Let me know your thoughts and if there's more worthy ideas to add to what my oxygen deprived brain managed to scrape up from a night of idleness. Also slighty...