1. W

    Best non-dog domestic animal for sexual encounters?

    Obviously I don't plan on sticking my dick in a hamster but what small domestic (indoor pets) are good to interact with sexually? Good lickers, receptive to masturbation, not likely to bite your cock off? And most importantly which ones can you interact with sexually and it not be abusive? As...
  2. benjaminwonders

    Is there a wide range of research and statistics?

    Hi, i wonder the physchology behind bestiality so want to get more info and statistics. For example who are more into it, girls or boys? How about veterinarians? You think what is the percentage of them being into? You think all girls who have dog(s) do something certainly? Let's dig this topic :)
  3. Bdrizzy2

    Thoughts on Hoobly

    What are peoples thoughts or experiences with Hoobly for pets? To me it seems like a mixed bag. I’ve seen some posts of people that seem pretty genuine and others that seem really scummy.
  4. D

    Can an animal handle a human male sex drive?

    I am reading a lot of post here since a while and I see that everyone is having a good time with their pets. 😏 I never experience sex with an animal yet but I wonder. Can a animal really handle human libido??? For me, I masturbate at least 4-5 times per week. It's the same amount of sex I...
  5. Evie

    ZOO and pets

    Being ZOO, of course you have or want to have an animal partner. But does that exclude have other animals as pets? Me, I'm looking for a boy to be tied with, but I also have non-sexual pets. What is the line for you? What determines it?
  6. Disanima

    Owning a pig

    Hi there fellows, I've always had a dream into owning a pet pig :pig_love: I have a thing for really large farm breeds, but I think it may be really difficult to manage one of them (or to avoid stupid questions on why I own it without eating it), so, I came to the conclusion that owning a...