1. R

    What is your opinion about "the heat"?

    Ok, this is difficult to explain for me, cause my english is not good, but i explored a lot of spanish forums and the dialogue quality in them is very poor (they only talk about sex, and thats it). So i wanna try to explain it, the best i could and then i will read your comments (when i read is...
  2. MechWolf

    Should I bring her with me?

    Hello everyone! I would like to hear some opinions about what to do on the situation I'm facing: So, I recently went to my grandma's farm, and there I found this lovely female dog (is it ok to call her "bitch"?) called Koda. She started jumping on my leg as soon as we met, and I returned the...
  3. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Alternative word for dildos

    A while back ago I made the Zaruxin - Alternative word for masturbators! to figure out a better name or come up with a whole new word for masturbators :unsure: because I and few others (based on poll results) think we need a better sexier word to represent the sex toy. Now I'm making this...