1. ZooAdicto

    Alfred Kinsey. Which is your opinion of him?

    Alfred Kinsey was an American sexologist, biologist, and professor of entomology and zoology who supports, among other things, zoophiles. I have read that from the zoo community there are people who use their inquiries to justify this sexual tastes. Does someone know more about him? Do you...
  2. LupinTheRabbit

    Favorite ways to play?

    What's y'alls favorite way to play with your partners?
  3. EnderMRC

    How would you guys describe a horse penis in one word? What about a dog one?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and now I'm really curious about everyone's opinion.
  4. Oberdan

    Best dog breed for licking penis

    Hello guys, i wanted to know your opinion on which dog breeds do you think are the best to lick penis (no sex). Or maybe just something more general like "Which is best to lick penis, Small or big dogs?"
  5. R

    What is your opinion about "the heat"?

    Ok, this is difficult to explain for me, cause my english is not good, but i explored a lot of spanish forums and the dialogue quality in them is very poor (they only talk about sex, and thats it). So i wanna try to explain it, the best i could and then i will read your comments (when i read is...
  6. MechWolf

    Should I bring her with me?

    Hello everyone! I would like to hear some opinions about what to do on the situation I'm facing: So, I recently went to my grandma's farm, and there I found this lovely female dog (is it ok to call her "bitch"?) called Koda. She started jumping on my leg as soon as we met, and I returned the...