man and dog

  1. tlcfj80

    Introduction / first and only experience story

    Hey horny zoo lovers! I wanted to introduce myself and share my first and only experience with zoophilia. I am a 34 year old bisexual man in a happy hetero marriage. I have been turned on by zoo sex for 20 years. I have also been obsessed with stretching my asshole for about as long (will...
  2. GayBrat

    Is My Dog Hinting?

    I have a 2 year old Jack terrier mix, she's a medium size dog. Every time, I pet her she backs her butt up to my crotch. I get a softie when she does. I've never done anything with animals. Advice?
  3. allan97

    Giving In, I Need It | Arizona 27M

  4. VadiaNoCio

    temptation of the day

    Good morning, I just got back from the gym and during the whole journey back home a stray dog followed me right by my side, I live in an apartment and unfortunately I can't take care of him but all I want now is to let him in at home, get down on all fours and see if he's into it as much as I...
  5. G

    My aunts lab got me addicted to dog pussy~

    I fucked my Aunts labrador retriever while I was visiting. She took my cock so well and her tail was wagging the entire time <3 When I pulled out and came she immediately turned around and started licking my cock clean which surprised the hell out of me This was almost a month ago but I still...
  6. A


    Ok so what about snapchatting and sharing content with like minded friends or chatting good or bad idea and why