man and dog

  1. VadiaNoCio

    temptation of the day

    Good morning, I just got back from the gym and during the whole journey back home a stray dog followed me right by my side, I live in an apartment and unfortunately I can't take care of him but all I want now is to let him in at home, get down on all fours and see if he's into it as much as I...
  2. Sheppermutt

    Canine Girl Size vs Penis Size Questions

    Hi all. Recently I posted about my plight in not being able to penetrate my girl. Still, it's something I really really want to do. I am wanting to get a 2nd dog. Yes, so I can finally lose my v-card but also because I think my girl would enjoy another canine friend. (She is the only dog in a...
  3. Sheppermutt

    I feel sick

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for the sob story you are about to read about my life. I don't have any friends online or offline. I live at home with one of my parents and a sibling. I work in an IT role remotely. I am a 26 year old guy and I can honestly say that I have never had a...
  4. G

    My aunts lab got me addicted to dog pussy~

    I fucked my Aunts labrador retriever while I was visiting. She took my cock so well and her tail was wagging the entire time <3 When I pulled out and came she immediately turned around and started licking my cock clean which surprised the hell out of me This was almost a month ago but I still...
  5. A


    Ok so what about snapchatting and sharing content with like minded friends or chatting good or bad idea and why