looking for friends

  1. kittenlovespups

    Hey. New here. But not to zoo

    I’ve always found animals intriguing and one of my first sexual experiences was when a dog licked me down below as I was already playing with myself. I have only told one person in my life and that’s only cus I knew he liked it first. I want to meet people that will help me feel safe in this...
  2. TheLustyOne

    Getting Out Of My Shell!

    Hello fellow animal lovers! I am TheLustyOne, fellow zoophile with multiple experiences under my belt. I hope to post some stories regarding my experiences, and I hope everyone here will enjoy them when I do. My sexual orientation is bisexual, and like males and females equally (Though I have...
  3. L

    Hi new 32m from Florida

    Hey I'm new to the forum. I love watching women with dogs or any animal really. I watched videos online for a long time. I also had an ex who would suck off our dog pretty regularly. I hope to meet people on here and share this interest. Maybe even have the chance to watch someone in...
  4. L

    New to the zoo, Utah local. Any local friends?

    Howdy zoo friends. I'm brand new to this type of community, and happy to have found some like-minded folks to interact with. Local to Logan, Utah and very curious if there are any community members nearby. Would be nice to know I'm not alone in the valley. I don't partake in sex with animals...
  5. ummmm1234

    32 y/o M from San Diego: New to the site... but not to the zoo

    Had an ex that liked me to watch her with her dog. I must confess, I loved it. I listened to the nay sayers when we broke up and broke away from the community for a while, but read an article a while back and decided fuck what others think. So I am back in the kennel and ready to make friends....
  6. Sissy4Dogs

    Looking for Zoo Friends In my Area

    Hello, I'm relatively new to this, I'm looking to make zoo friends in the South TN/North GA area, and I'm hoping to finally lose my anal virginity to a cute little doggie as well! ;) I'm a skinny cross dressing sissy slut. I've sucked 3 dog cocks and squirted in a bitch once, but I've never...
  7. E minor

    I wanna have some zoo friends

    Hello, I’m new in zoo-community (although I was zoo all time I live) and it would be nice if I had zoos in my circle of friends as reliable fellows and advisors I can trust. If you’re sexually attracted to animals with fur (fluffy breeds of canines, felines and other similar species) like I am...
  8. K

    Looking for friends

    Hey there im an ftm stocky sub from the brisbane area and am looking for friends. I havent had any experiences yet but really want to. Is there anyone out there who wants to hang?