1. Bloodyweasel

    First experience with another partner?

    This happened about a year or so ago. I had a male rat, lovely sweet boy. Me and my partner were both naked, He was under the blanket while I was not and the rat was running around as they do, He would occasionally run through my legs and got close to my crotch, I didn't allow him to lick me...
  2. Atomika

    Occasional biting when doing oral w/ dog

    Hi ! So first of my apologize if I put this topic in the wrong category.. Anyway, I'd like to know if someone here has some good tips for when receiving oral from a dog. For the past few years a couple dogs (back when i did some doggysitting sometimes) i noticed that some of the dogs tend to...
  3. S

    Women kissing dogs

    Anyone have links or downloads for good face licking and kissing videos between dogs and women? I find them hard to find.
  4. B

    Paw-fetish/paw-sucking anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone else was into this. So I live with my sister and her black male lab/collie(maybe?)mix. The dog is fixed. Long story short, practically nothing sexual happens; not only due to him being fixed, but he act uncomfortable with touching his sheath or anus. So all I ever can...
  5. Y


  6. Jëëco

    The best condiments to encourage a dog to lick your penis?

    What is the best kind of condiment, sauce, or food to encourage a dog to lick your penis? I've used ketchup but im sure they're could a better alternative though the bitch i used it on seemed to love it.