1. frenchkitty

    Dog licking

    Hi! i’m new here and a bit shy but was curious as to what safe porn sites there are in regard to dog licking or just new friends who are mostly interested in it. I’m not into rape or penetration at all just some doggie oral fun and looking for like minded friends.
  2. frenchkitty

    Should i accept this part of myself?

    hello! i’m new here :) i feel like i’m asking the wrong place about this but when i was about 11 years old i started allowing my dog to lick me. I haven’t participated in nearly 5 years because i’ve been so ashamed constantly back and forth and i can’t seem to accept this part of myself. I don’t...
  3. doglickmydick

    Dogs licking cock

    Been really into letting dogs lick my uncut cock for some years now. Never need any lure, just starting to pull my underwear down within their reach, and several dogs have just been desperate to lick me. They keep licking, and it feels so damn good, and they make me go from soft to hard in a...
  4. D

    dog sheath licking

    Would it be harmful to me or the dog if I put my tongue in his sheath?
  5. BadgerB@be67

    Love Bites

    I had another session with my pittie again and she was eager as always! She tried to nip at my pants when I was pulling them down because she knew what time it was, I didn't even get to lay down before she started attacking my tdick! I was in heaven. She did get a little rough with the nipping...
  6. BadgerB@be67

    Tongue Pleasure

    I haven't tried dog tongue in a few years since my first initial time with a great Dane mastiff mix (friends dog) but I tried it again and I forgot why I stopped! His tongue made me melt away. I might try more tomorrow
  7. Atomika

    Occasional biting when doing oral w/ dog

    Hi ! So first of my apologize if I put this topic in the wrong category.. Anyway, I'd like to know if someone here has some good tips for when receiving oral from a dog. For the past few years a couple dogs (back when i did some doggysitting sometimes) i noticed that some of the dogs tend to...
  8. S

    Women kissing dogs

    Anyone have links or downloads for good face licking and kissing videos between dogs and women? I find them hard to find.
  9. B

    Paw-fetish/paw-sucking anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone else was into this. So I live with my sister and her black male lab/collie(maybe?)mix. The dog is fixed. Long story short, practically nothing sexual happens; not only due to him being fixed, but he act uncomfortable with touching his sheath or anus. So all I ever can...
  10. Y