1. redstarlight666

    You know you're on this forum too much when....

    You see this while shopping and had to do a double take. I had to stifle my giggles around my shopping partners but this had me in shambles. Maybe my sense of humor is broken but I thought this was hilarious
  2. pervertedperth

    Perverted Perth

    Evening all, I’m a male from Perth Western Australia. I’m a professional type in my field in my 30s. So discretion and privacy assured. Perverted and very open minded. I’m excited to join this page after a recommendation. I’m a pretty chilled out person and loves to explore new things. I’ve...
  3. Jizzle


    Hott/Not? Beastie Sissyboy TRANS
  4. KnottyAbbeyV

    K9 toys

    I know this subject has been post in different way but I need some help with this. Bad Dragon isn't taking orders at this time. I fell in love with XL Rex and I want one really bad. I already have the XXL chance horse one. So I love the quality of Bad Dragon. Is there a K9 dildo that matches the...