1. C

    Hello 👋🏻 24m new here

    Hello! I’m glad to have found this community. Curious how long it will take to upgrade from lurker status. I am not an owner, so I wonder if it will take a while because I don’t have a top to share pictures with
  2. Caliemme

    Italiane zoofile?

    mi sento sola, sembra che in Italia non ci siano donne che abbiano la mia stessa voglia, godere di un grande amico animale.
  3. Dante

    Ciao! I'm from the venetian area of Italy :)

    I never knew the proportions of this world, I stumbled upon it watching random porn and got me curious. What is the most precious suggestion you can give to a newbie of the forum? I already read the rules :)