1. Stallionus

    Which animals do you think like being masturbated, rimmed and ass play the most and the least usually?

    Except for that everybody is different and everybody has a different personality, which counts for animals as much as for us, there are perhaps also species specific distributions of what different species might like/prefer or tolerate more or less when being passively or actively mating with...
  2. Hdoux

    Ethics of interspecies sex

    Duplicated discussion, please go to To cast your vote 🗳 and answer
  3. I

    Why for me the human being is hypocritical

    Why is it that when in films such as Star Trek or Star Wars, human beings have relationships or children with "extraterrestrial species" it's wonderful the human being is open-minded, but when it comes to inter-species relationships here, on our blue planet, we are treated as mentally disturbed...