how to mate with female dog

  1. B

    How to fuck a bitch

    hey everyone i’m want to fuck my bitch properly and from past experiences she is very tight and always moves, any tips on how to get in her ? 🥰
  2. B

    How to convince her to let me in

    My neighbor has a dog who recently came into heat (not the first one, she has had puppies before), I've always been interested in her and I've always waited for this moment, but she just won't let me in. initially in the early days of heat I thought it was just natural behavior, but now it has...
  3. dogluver101

    A complete guide to bitch sex

    Credits to the Author. This is a guide, and only a guide into intercourse with female canines. This is an overlaying outline of the norm, on an individual basis conditions and situations may differ. All the advice given is from personal experience and advanced education, not second hand...