1. D

    So ur hi :)

    I’m new here. Basically dabbled here and there but now I really want to be a part of the community and talk to people about advice and just getting know fellow zoos better. I’m from UK Essex :) be great to start to get to know some of you :)
  2. stickycandy

    Intro - Artist & New to Zoo

    Hi everyone! I'm 24 m, looking for friends with similar interests and maybe my first zoo experience (although I've seen plenty of porn haha). I'm also an artist and I'd love to draw some zoo stuff! Looking forward to finding a good place here.
  3. Horse and Aces

    New horse in town

    Good day everyone. New to the website and glad I was shared the link. I love horses most but I'm always up for whatever is the topic of discussion. I look forward to exploring the forum and making friends and enjoying the content. My DM is always open to meet new people and chat about...
  4. D

    What’s Up? 25M from West Virginia

    Hi i’m new to the forum if you couldn’t tell. Been lurking for a while and finally made an account. I’ve had a few light past experiences but I’d like to dive in more. I can detail later if interested. How I got into this? I have a cum kink that started with my first gf who was a “creamer”...
  5. calientecamaron

    Hello there everyone!

    Camaron here. I've been a zoophile for essentially my entire adult life. I grew up around many kinds of animals in the south and what began as a general sense of peace away from humans became full blown attraction. I am so glad to have found this forum - I don't post on the internet much so I...
  6. PeachEmperor

    New F/M Couple, Western USA, Hello!

    Howdy y'all! You've got yourselves a couple who're interested in the pet pals. The man is only interested in watching, the lady is interested in (big) dogs and ponys/minis. We are not interested in swingin', but are open to friendships. We're lookin' for owners of the aforementioned animal...
  7. zoophiliaismisunderstood

    Hello World

    I'm newish here 19m, and I just wanted to introduce myself properly, mostly because I've hyped myself up enough to actually step into the light and not be as much of a lurker, so howdy yall, AMA I guess
  8. T

    Hi everyone!

    Heya, I'm pretty new here. I've been deciding for a while if I should sign up to this forum, but I finaly did it! My curiosity grew too big and I just had to do it. I'm completely new to this and only ever had fantasies. Let's see what new things I can learn. Hope to see you all in the comments!
  9. T

    Hello- Long Time Lurker. Time to actually participate. ;-)

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. 55yo, Male from NW Alabama. I'm an "owner" (6 yr old, experienced Choc Lab). I'd love to chat with others in my area once I get my count up high enough. ;-)
  10. TibiEsto


    Hi everyone! Newcomer to any zoo-related internet forum here... Kinda embarrassed and worried making this jump but I am so happy to see a community of people who understand the feelings that I have. My attractions have been clear to me since I was a kid and I've never known any other real...
  11. ShiresEastAO

    Enough lurking, hello ZooVille members!

    Hi everyone, I've perused this forum for quite some time, even before making an account. I want to start being more involved and communicating with other members of the community to make friends and also better understand how people have grown/developed knowing this side of themselves. I'm...
  12. browniebaked

    Hi there!

    Been a lurker for a little while and want to start meeting new people, maybe see if the zoo lifestyle is for me. I also do art, so I might start doing zoo drawings if there's interest. Looking forward to talking and sharing stuff!
  13. C

    Hi, I’m new here

    Hello guys, Im new here and Im really happy I found this place and all of you people, Im Jorge
  14. subbybiguy1203

    Hiya 👋

    19 Bisexual guy here, just kinda chilling and looking for my first experience, in the DFW/HEB area of Texas, more of a bottom, open to nearly anything and looking to explore.
  15. T

    My story from Norway

    I just wanted to say hello, and share my story on how i got into animals I am a 38 year old man from Ryfylke, Rogaland I started masturbating pretty young, did not know what i was doing, but it felt great, so i made sure to do it whenever possible, soat one point i was outside of my...
  16. J

    Hey everyone

    Hey I’m jace!
  17. CyanideSister96

    New around here!

    I don't really do the forum thing often! But I've lurked around here for a while now and I am feeling brave! Would be nice to make some friends who have common interests or whatever. I am 26, studied art for 4 years. Non-practicing Zoo, questioning my identity and sexuality, but my pronouns are...
  18. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  19. azebraofcourse

    Hello! I'm new here.

    Discovered this site not too long ago and decided to join in. Figured I should say hello! Currently living in AZ. Haven't been active in quite some time, but I have some nice toys to keep me company ;)
  20. vixenkiss99

    Popping my 'zoo' cherry

    Hey everyone! I'm Vixen 22 from Leeds (not my real name) and I wanted to introduce myself on here. It's taken me so long to finally build up the courage to search and join a site like this as I was convinced I was some form of anomaly. I've been on and off addicted to watching vids when I was...
  21. phoqtwo

    Hello from Seattle

    New to the site and scene, really, been into it for ages though. 43, bi, kinky and chill, just looking forward to chatting and maybe someday meeting some of you. I'd love to find the opportunity to just watch some fun in person, but time will tell. Totally down to chat, trade porn/stories...
  22. Zooey20886

    Hello all!

    Maryland based zoophile who is slowly accepting this part of myself.
  23. IsabelleAnkha

    Lurker girl here, attempting to unlurk myself

    Heyyy, I've been lurking on this site for like, almost 7 months or so, and I never decided to post anything or really interact with anyone because I'm kinda shy and weirded out by my interest in animals. I guess I wanted to kind of try to introduce myself to the community as a way to adjust to...
  24. Rodex565

    New To All Of This.

    Hi there! I joined a few days ago and due to a busy schedule I'm just now finding the time to introduce myself. I'm 24 and I've always been interested in zoophilia since I was young. I'm still coming to terms with myself so I decided to join this forum to learn more and possibly even meet some...
  25. knottyornice

    Awkward Dork

    Howdy y'all, uhhhh new and shy user here, with no idea what the FUCK they're even doing, haha! Late 20s ftm (trans dude) in New England, who is thankfully married to a lovely lady Zoo! I'm a total zoo-virgin, and hey, I might never get farther than lurking and daydreaming, but that's okay...
  26. J

    I’m not new

    I’ve always been a connoisseur just thought about finally coming out the shadows this time! I hope everyone as well as your companions are having a wonderful day/night ✌️
  27. Lucyfer87


    Hi . my name is lucifer. I have been from Poland for some year interested in K9 So far, all we know is from movies, forum. At the moment the most interesting for me is just looking. And all the excitement of mating, I think more and more about something real. Even a few times I managed to find a...
  28. B

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been into animals for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never had the opportunity to really explore this part of my sexuality. It’s been so incredible to find this place to meet others with similar thoughts and desires. I’m thrilled to be here and to meet you all. :)