1. D

    Female dog heat

    Hi I’m new here, and as i said in a different post, this is not my main language. I was wondering at what point during a female dogs first heat can I mate them? My brother has a dog and wanted to try with her, but asked me for knowledge because I’ve been mating with dogs longer.
  2. Forgottenfox

    Asking for help with white discharge in female dog

    As the title says, I am asking about a pure white discharge of creamy substance from a large female dog that is ten months old and intact. Is this a sign of heat or is it something else? I worry about infection, but there is no redness or strange smell. She isn't licking abnormally, maybe two or...
  3. tnstud

    Question for Female, Genderfluid, Trans, etc...

    OK so I am genderfluid, always have been. However, I have realized that as I embrace more of who I am and embrace my feminine side more when i swing that way, I seem to have a monthly heat. for about a week each month, I just have this overwhelming desire to play and play and play and want so...
  4. J

    Hallo NRW was geht

    Heyy, bin 27 18 cm gpflegt aus NRW. Mag männliche und weibliche Dogs. ;) Wäre nice mal jemanden kennen zu lernen der auch eigentlich gay ist aber trotzdem was für Hundemuschi übrig hat.. hätte gern mal mit jemandem ne Runde Action zusammen, habe schon etwas Erfahrung aber immer nur Solo... habe...
  5. chris098q

    First Heat Started Black Lab

    Well, it's started. I am surprised though, her Vulva isn't as swollen as I would've expected. The area just above her lips is though. This is the second day of anything happening.Maybe it'll change as she goes into estrus? I'm just trying to comfort her, can definitely tell some behavior...
  6. R

    How long will a female dog be in heat

    And how much for that time will she be bleeding compared to the amount of time she'll be penetratable
  7. R

    What is your opinion about "the heat"?

    Ok, this is difficult to explain for me, cause my english is not good, but i explored a lot of spanish forums and the dialogue quality in them is very poor (they only talk about sex, and thats it). So i wanna try to explain it, the best i could and then i will read your comments (when i read is...
  8. FloofyNewfie

    5 Month Heat Cycles

    So as the title states, my Newfie girl tends to have a heat cycle just shy of 5 months to a couple of days past 5 months. I've only had her for 1.5 years and this has been the case since I got her. It honestly could just be normal for her. I've consulted with many more older and more experienced...
  9. bitchlover97

    female dogs in Heat

    Hello everyone, i was out doing my shopping today i walked along the sea front along the prom, i saw many dogs but in front of me i saw a dog walker with his dog, she was a gorgeous Mastiff, as i got closer i saw her pussy was swollen and she was wagging her tail, as i got closer anither walker...