1. R

    How long will a female dog be in heat

    And how much for that time will she be bleeding compared to the amount of time she'll be penetratable
  2. R

    What is your opinion about "the heat"?

    Ok, this is difficult to explain for me, cause my english is not good, but i explored a lot of spanish forums and the dialogue quality in them is very poor (they only talk about sex, and thats it). So i wanna try to explain it, the best i could and then i will read your comments (when i read is...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    5 Month Heat Cycles

    So as the title states, my Newfie girl tends to have a heat cycle just shy of 5 months to a couple of days past 5 months. I've only had her for 1.5 years and this has been the case since I got her. It honestly could just be normal for her. I've consulted with many more older and more experienced...
  4. bitchlover97

    female dogs in Heat

    Hello everyone, i was out doing my shopping today i walked along the sea front along the prom, i saw many dogs but in front of me i saw a dog walker with his dog, she was a gorgeous Mastiff, as i got closer i saw her pussy was swollen and she was wagging her tail, as i got closer anither walker...