1. lmtdeditionfag


    I'm wondering...since everyone is always talking about...are there any groups on Telegram that are devoted to zoo? Prefer to be more m/m oriented but open to it all 😉
  2. P

    Hi, I'm new to the scene

    Hi, I'm new to the scene and trying to get my feet wet. Are there any telegram groups welcoming new members?
  3. filimoni

    Join a Group ? How?

    Hey zusammen, Meine Partnerin und ich wollen gerne in einige Gruppen hier eintreten …speziell diese mit dem Thema Hengst. Nur wie geht das ? Lg F+M
  4. Daddy'sPuppy

    Hello from a Canadian girl 🍁💗

    Hello! Just posting here for fun and was just wondering if there's any Zoo groups that I could possibly join? Either Telegram or Discord or both! Since I can't DM here just yet, just shoot me a message for my information on DELETED 2. Do not include phone numbers, emails, KiK, Telegram, Wickr...
  5. K9FurLife

    Group Discussion vs Group Forum

    Hi All, I noticed in the groups there can be a forum section, a discussion section or both. What's the difference between the forum vs discussion sections? Thanks, K9
  6. K9FurLife

    Question; searching for users

    Hi ZooVille, I'm curious, is it possible to search for users who are members of multiple groups? For example, I'd like to find folks who are members of the California, ZooFur and Zoo Exclusive groups. Or, perhaps more broadly, what are the ways to search and filter users? Thanks! K9FurLife
  7. Hippophilipe

    Création d'un groupe francophone

    Oyé chers francophones, un groupe dédié au français existe, de quoi filtrer les threads. Un genre de en quelques sortes. Bon pour l'instant il est très peu garni mais si tout le monde vient je pense qu'il y aura de quoi s'amuser un peu. "Comment ? C'est quoi cette histoire de groupe...