1. couchperson20

    New Here!

    Hey I’m new! I do I get added to the groups or chats? DM for telegram or discord
  2. ShenOTP187

    Telegram Group

    Hey, I've just created a new Telegram group for sharing videos and experiences. If you want to join, feel free to PM me. :)
  3. FurryDogLover

    Zoo murrsuit channel

    DM me your telegram handle and I'll add you to the group. Murrsuiters only
  4. sackboy

    Started a New Location Based Group (California)

    Hello everyone for all of those located in California I started a new group specifically for Ventura County as some Cali groups are inactive and dead quiet. I hope you drop in and say hello! I’d love to see where this goes. The group is called Ventura County Zoo
  5. LoveNottLust1

    How do you make a group?

    How does one make groups while putting them in the right catagory as well ?