1. sheepbut

    кто может помочь

    Я ищу человека, который любит зоопарк и может мне помочь. Ищу подарок девушке: кашемировые шарфы от «Платек» или Pawłowskiego Posadu,. Может ли кто-нибудь помочь мне с покупкой и доставкой?
  2. A

    Goat love

    Need help with goat sex any Gide please
  3. B

    Unquestionable fear...with farm animals.

    I never experienced having sex with animals but I am used to peting dogs and cats. I was visiting a local farm shop that has some animal farms and you can pet them. I was trying to pet the cow and the goats but I was a bit frozen. While some guest and their kids were able to pet them with no...