1. V

    Hi, i'm new

    Hi, i'm new, i've been on differents forums alrady, but i heard a lot of this one, also i can speak spanish, hope to read your experiences and also meet new people.
  2. Scurge

    How do I find someone into the things I am?

    I just turned 27, I’m 6ft and attractive and I make really great money. For pretty much all my life I’ve been lying to myself about zoo but I guess here I am. How do I find a girl who’s also interested in beastiality? I don’t wanna do anything with the pets I guess I want to find someone to be...
  3. doggy.fun2022

    Why do guys!

    Why do guys make fake accounts and Pretend to be girl?
  4. B

    Girls into Guys who likes getting it?

    Do they exist? 😁 (and/or even prefer over themselves?) Asking for a friend. 😅 Take it easy, I'm just a curious mind. 😛
  5. O

    Aktorki linki zewn.

    Cześć na jakimś anglojęzycznym forum być może nawet na zooville widziałem swego czasu link do rosyjskiego profilu vk. Com dziewnyczny z filmu "fantazii good girl" czy macie takie ciekawostki jak imiona lub profile, sociale tych dziewczyn z art of zoo, team Russia i tym podobne?