1. chris098q

    First Heat Started Black Lab

    Well, it's started. I am surprised though, her Vulva isn't as swollen as I would've expected. The area just above her lips is though. This is the second day of anything happening.Maybe it'll change as she goes into estrus? I'm just trying to comfort her, can definitely tell some behavior...
  2. E

    Hungarian girl who doesn t understand anything 🫠

    Sziasztok, Kissé zavartan érzem magam, ez az egész fura.. szóval itt vagyok, ilyen érdeklődéssel, egyedül, másnak és őrültnek érezve magam,miközben itt egy egèsz közösség.. Teljesen normális, tisztességes, erkölcsös életem van, végtelenül cuki és aranyos vagyok, fiatal és lány, így egy halom...
  3. baileybasstard

    New to this.

    Hi I am a 26 yr old male from Lubbock TX, very new to this. Can anyone explain the rules and what can be done on here? I’m straight and mainly interested in seeing a girl get knotted in person. Thanks!
  4. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more on zv? Females w/

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing Females with Animals but ill also be posting a poll for Males w/ Animals, and one for other categories as well. Cant wait to see people’s...
  5. Piglover

    Girl and sow

    Few days ago I got this idea for a good porn video: a girl with strap-on dildo fuck a sow. I love sows and I also love girls, do this would be an ultimate porn for me. What do you think? Is here a girl that would do this?
  6. A

    Can I be watcher and never want to participate

    So I’ve been watching taboo (rape, hardcore, sleeping, incest, and now zoo) is it possible for me to just get turned on by taboo things because they’re taboo? That’s exactly how I feel, I get turned on by the fact that others are engaging in a illegal or taboo act. It’s a complete TURN ON lol...
  7. A

    Female Zoowatcher Who wants to chat

    Hey Im a 20yr female who loves to watch zoo vids. I get off to anything taboo and I would to talk with some of you guys here so I can have some like minded friends 😌 Please pm I would to talk to y’all and Im also on telegram too!
  8. wilddog1234

    Boar sex

    Is there any girls had experience with boars?