gay horse

  1. K

    Young gay from DK that would like to suck a horse cock

    Hey! Young gay guy from Denmark. I have had this fantasy for a while now. I have a fetish i really would like to try. I would like to have some sex with another gay man near a horse, and could get to suck the cock on the horse and touch it. I have had this fantasy for quit a bit now, and damn...
  2. jar16

    New from Orlando Florida

    Hello, I am new to the forum I live in Orlando Florida. I am a 32 year old gay male looking for friends with farm that have donkeys or horses. I am a male animal lover.
  3. 2

    Gay couple in the south west looking for fun

    Hey, late 40s gay couple in the south west, one of us has had a few dog experiences, the other is very interested. Looking for mates and chats, and eventually meets with owners. Be good to chat with more experienced folk and anyone in the south west!