1. Nosfura2

    LMAO Dog Chiropractor Video

    Was sent this video from a mate... Cracked up laughing.. The expression on the dogs faces are like ''WTF did you just do to me...???'' 🤣
  2. Foggo

    Good meme

  3. TakeMeHome

    What was your most embarrassing/awkward moment you have had in your life and how did you handle it?

    Ill go first! Im in a few discord servers and like most of them. They have an adult/18 plus section. I was at gym one morning and like most normal people. Im listening to music! After a set i get a message on one of the servers so i go and take a peek! Nothing was out of the ordinary so i...
  4. KadeBoltz

    One-sided Convo's....

    Does anyone else pretend to have unnecessary pointless conversations with their animal-partners/companions? When I get bored I pretend my Canine Husband and I gossip about the neighbors and the pretend situations I can only imagine they are in. :gsd_laughing:
  5. Enigma214

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns - Video

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns
  6. lewdexo

    Huskies imitating humans and be weird.

    IDK which category in this forums I could post something random like this but there it is Hehe..
  7. M

    What not YLYL?

    You laugh you lose! Lets get some humor going, thats what we used while deployed and wonding when we were going to get blown up or have a rocket slam into the side of your vehicle ect.. Post something :D
  8. B

    fun dog video (not porn) Listen with your eyes closed

    I found this one online and I think if you close your eyes and only listen to what is happening.... it is just pure gold I wasn't sure where to post it. it's not porn and I can't find a section for non porn related videos.
  9. S

    Post beastiality meme here

    I think it will be good to have one bestiality meme thread where we will post memes.