1. Enigma214

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns - Video

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns
  2. lewdexo

    Huskies imitating humans and be weird.

    IDK which category in this forums I could post something random like this but there it is Hehe..
  3. Mutt_Pup

    You *SURE* about that RSPCA?

    Saw this on Instagram and thought it was funny 🤣 Not sure the RSPCA know what they're on about 😉😉
  4. S

    New TikTok trend

    Hello guys, i’m not sure how many of you use TikTok, but there is a new trend where boys/girla post a ”funny” video act als Wolfes, be honest, that can start so much imagination 😉 it is usually tagged with We own the night. Just a suggestion for you guys 😉
  5. M

    What not YLYL?

    You laugh you lose! Lets get some humor going, thats what we used while deployed and wonding when we were going to get blown up or have a rocket slam into the side of your vehicle ect.. Post something :D
  6. B

    fun dog video (not porn) Listen with your eyes closed

    I found this one online and I think if you close your eyes and only listen to what is happening.... it is just pure gold I wasn't sure where to post it. it's not porn and I can't find a section for non porn related videos.
  7. S

    Post beastiality meme here

    I think it will be good to have one bestiality meme thread where we will post memes.