first dog

  1. K

    I had my first zoo experience

  2. avon

    Had my first knot

    Was a few weeks ago. Still can't believe it. He knotted but didn't tie. Hopefully I'll be stuck for a good while next time!
  3. irish1982

    Sexually active K9 age

    I’m now the proud own of a Rottweiler puppy, I was wondering at what age do you reckon he would be sexually active from?, this is me entering my first ever zoo experience and I’m excited but also want to be as educated on the subject as possible.
  4. L

    Tips/advice/guides for a new trainer

    Hi all, I have been considering training my first companion, and was wondering if anyone has any advice, guides, or other things I should consider (in addition to normal puppy training) to ensure they are a happy balanced companion outside of just the sexual aspect. I have been advised that...
  5. K

    Birth Control and Sex with a male dog

    Hi guys! Long time zoo fan, but just recently started teasing my intact male Doberman to try and get him to mount me. I’ve been checking the forum and believe I’ll be able to get him to do it, he was staring at me in anticipation with his cock coming out of his sheath the other day. I wanted to...
  6. A

    My First Sex With A Dog (M/M)

    Sorry for ba Emglish. I translate it by Google. Jack is a stray doberman near my house. He is very strong and handsome, I want to keep him but my family don't agree. Although I can't keep him, I still take care of him. I feed him, take him to vet and pet salon regularly. I also took him to...
  7. L

    Best way to start?

    Good evening everyone, Im making this becouse i have no idea where to start with this. I have to lovely dones, one has been spade and the other is still intact. The one how is intact had gone through her second heat already but dosnt seem to enjoy me touching her yet. What steps should i take...
  8. mxthmr88

    Had my first experience so i joined!

    I've been lurking for a good while but I just had my first zoo experience as an adult and I'm so overwhelmed I'm shaking! I didn't have intercourse, but I made out with one of my dogs while touching myself and omg it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life 😭 She's such a sweet girl and...
  9. C

    Estoy pensando en probar sexo con un perro, algun comentario o consejo?

    Mi esposo tiene esa idea en mente. Hemos visto videos y muchas de las chicas lucen como si lo disfrutaran al máximo. También vimos uno instructivo muy interesante , sin embargo, a pesar de la curiosidad, me da mucho susto la prueba. (Espero sólo comentarios femeninos)
  10. A

    is dogsitting a good way to have a first dog experience?

    i’ve wanted to be knotted for a very very long time now - would signing up for a dogsitting service be a good way to have a zoo experience safely? obviously i’d have to check for cameras and make sure i know the owners won’t be back that night, has anyone done this before?
  11. T

    Good News....

    I have been wanting to have my first experience with dog for so long and later today might be happening tonight. Hubby is excited to watch me. Wish me luck. Any tips/advice is welcome. Especially from you ladies...
  12. Sissy4Dogs

    Advice on Finding an Owner for my First Time!

    Hello, I'm a 27 y/o sissy, and I've never gone all the way with a dog before, only ever sucked doggie cock on 3 different occasions! I'm looking for an owner near me to help me lose my doggie virginity! I'm very tight so a BIG dog is out of the question, but I've taken a few decent sized human...
  13. Big_Knot95

    Future first time dog owner *In 5-6 Months* / Training for both Zoo & Non Zoo Interactions

    **REAL QUICK, I used the search bar for something regarding both "First time & Zoo Training + Social Skill Training" but could find specifics to help cater to my question** SO, I'm going to be moving to Brazil with my dad and step family, and while stray dogs are very very common where I'll be...