female and female dog

  1. baubaubaubau

    Need advices, new to this! F 33 y/o

    Hello, I'm pretty new into this, but it turns me on so much! I really want to do it with a dog like so badly! I'm a female, 33 y/o and ready to widen my sexial life even more! I need tips, my first question is, should I buy a puppy to train him from his younger age Or would a rescue dog do...
  2. J

    What’s a great dog for a young female new to zoo?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a yorki cause they’re amazing ofc ✨ & plus I had a great experience with my aunts yorki. But I want a dog than can do more than lick. I need to be knotted!! Like dick is my go to. Want a big dog but not too big where I can’t control him, I’m only 5’1 😂 Any dog...