1. K

    Whippets in England

    Has anyone ever experienced a male whippet? They look powerful and sleek! And is anyone interested in them in the UK? 🇬🇧
  2. D

    Newbie and hello from the UK

    Hi All - David here - guy in the UK - joined because my interest in Zoo has been dabbled for many years and I think it is time I did some further exploring. Looking to make contacts and friends to help investigate this further! - Have fun all
  3. Doggydan

    London Essex UK - 26 Male

    Hey guys, just signed up to this website to connect and say hey! Anybody else around London/ Essex on here looking to chat? :) A bit about myself: I'm 26 Male from around london/ essex area and consider myself to be more twink bottom, i'm bi and enjoy male and female company :) I've only ever...