1. redstarlight666

    Dog Date Advice

    I may have a date with a very very handsome saint Bernard tonight. This will be my first experience with a dog and I'm so so excited!! I've already discussed details with his owner and safety precautions so now I want input about the fun stuff 🤭 like what's a girl to wear? Does anyone suggest...
  2. Qwazycupcakes

    Horny in Houston 26/F/pawg

    Hey yall I'm just your average zooslut from Houston, so glad I found this website because soon I'll be adopting my hung furry baby. Send me a message if you wanna talk dirty or trade videos.
  3. V

    How do you imagine the sperm of a dog fertilizing an egg of a woman?

    I always had the idea during my 3 years of zoophilic experience, that at some point my interior was going to adapt so that the sperm of my dogs was compatible with my ovum and thus the Fertilization would be a success, I started to think that because of a documentary that said that species...