1. VadiaNoCio

    HARD dilemma

    I'm finally at the place where my canine companions live, it's the middle of the night and I'm itching to go outside and let them take turns on me. Unfortunately I know they are going to bark and such and I am scared that it will wake up my family, what should I do?
  2. Bloodsinner

    Hello from the Philippines

    Hope to meet people from my home country :) male or female who are also into beastiality.. Hope to meet you and have fun along with our furry friends.. 42 m from tondo, manila here.. Anyone who have their canine buddies and can host the place lets go meet :) lets enjoy making love with our...
  3. DogSweden

    Music During DogSex

    Does anybody here listen to music while having Dogsex? if so, what genre's of music any reason for it? I listen sometimes on this song when I'm having fun with my Rottweiler girl I get the rhythm pretty well with this song;) The Logical Song