1. Hottohotie

    I am in search of an action partner

    Hello, I'm looking for a partner to do text roleplays, I only play sexual relations between a human man and a mare, I can play the human or the mare, you know, as long as you treat it with respect, lets go!
  2. M

    Any Zoophilia discord servers?

    Looking for fellow zoos and would be nice to join a discord server. Anyone have a server they can share with me?
  3. Oreo<3

    Discord server / Discord groupchat?

    Hello there, I'm kinda new to this zooville thing, I'm looking for someone to add on discord or a zoo discord group / server to make some random zoo friends i guess? , Anyways have a blessed day who ever reads this
  4. Polish Rat

    Zoo Discord

    Witam, nie widziałem tutaj posta (lub był on dawno) o temacie discorda w tematyce zoo. Osobiście discorda używam od 4 lat. Pisze także bota na discorda w Java Script'cie. Myślę że taki serwer jest do zrobienia ale przecież dla siebie bym go nie robił. Chętnie poczytam wasze opinie na ten temat :p