1. ciscorox

    My sweet baby

    My sweet baby (2 year old neutered male) had to be left at the sitter for a few days because my car broke down and I was having a hard time getting someone to bring him home for me. Finally did but I didn’t get to see him for a few days and he was so beyond excited. He ripped away from my aunt...
  2. K

    wholesome zoo moments thread !!

    tell me the most wholesome, sweet, domestic, and fluffy moments you've had with your past or present nonhuman partners!
  3. B

    fun dog video (not porn) Listen with your eyes closed

    I found this one online and I think if you close your eyes and only listen to what is happening.... it is just pure gold I wasn't sure where to post it. it's not porn and I can't find a section for non porn related videos.