1. HornySquid

    Hints and Signs

    So I’m talking to this one girl, right? She’s got horses that she grooms personally - emphasis on personally. I thought it was a little odd to specify that of all things, but then it got me thinking: are there any common hints or subtle comments that people use to try and clue people in on their...
  2. B

    Anyone else?

    Hello all :) Just having some thoughts today, I’m really new to being involved in the zoo community. For many years I suppressed my urges because of societal views. Now I feel like I’ve created a behavior of feeling shameful for being a zoo. To give an example, if I’m viewing zoo porn and...
  3. shitoast

    Has anyone found out?

    I am curious if anyone has told someone about their sexual desire for animals and how did it go? were there any particularly bad reactions? and good ones?
  4. Bambucha07

    I read this on reddit, I wish it was for real

  5. 7

    New M member from NV

    Hello all. New member that has been into bestiality for years. Just on here to meet people who share the same fetishes and fantasies. Have not had any experience yet but u never know I may give it a try. I deeply enjoy watching videos of females getting licked and dicked by a canine but would...