1. N9neKnots

    M/M k9 cleaning question.

    After being fucked by a dog is there a way to safely clean their dick or are they able to fully clean themselves after anal?
  2. pes

    The abusive porn cleanup project

    In the past few weeks I have reported an alarming number of abusive porn videos from the porn section. 90% of them were subsequently removed after a moderator reviewed them and agreed that the content violated animal abuse the rules of this forum. Over my existence on Zooville I have personally...
  3. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Clean Anal Play

    I searched around on here trying to find a thread talking about how to prep for clean anal play, didn't find anything on topic so here I am. During the years I've tried several different methods for having clean anal sex & I've found the one I like the best. 0 - Ass is If you don't mind messy...