1. CrackedCorgi

    Allergies and having pets

    I have had pet allergies my whole life, mainly cats and dogs. the last few years ive been recieving immunotherapy, getting close to finishing actually. My allergies arent as severe as they were before but they are still too bad to see being able to comfortably own a pup or a kitty (and some...
  2. R

    Kitten help

    Recently my kitten (f 9 weeks old) (non sexual non romantic partner) has gotten the sneezies and her eyes will not stop running. Should I take her to the vet or do I listen to to my neighbor who says it’ll just go away?
  3. kzel1995

    Russian ftm

    Привет! Я транс*парень, и хочу рассказать немного про свои приключения :) У меня был небольшой опыт с собаками и котами. Я замечал, что пёс на даче постоянно тыкался носом между ног. И однажды я возбудился от этих действий. Первое время я уходил в туалет и дрочил на эти фантазии, но потом, когда...
  4. Kaukau

    gimme friends

    Hi hi! I'm kanna, i'm a cis male and i'm here for friends and to try to possibly meet people like me! I mainly like playing video games and thats about it maybe draw on the low sometimes. I have a discord if anyone wants it just dm me
  5. R

    Giving a cat a blowjob?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I just made 8 month old male cat cum for the first time. I was wondering if it's safe to swallow his cum and if it's ok to make him cum more than once a day. Would also appriciate any other tips for male cats
  6. M

    Cats and how to?

    I've heard of and seen girls getting cats to lick them, but has anyone ever been penetrated by one? My male cat humps on me and enjoys me stimulating him, but I was wondering if it would be okay to take it further.