1. DeV0id

    Very new 20’sM - CBD QLD Australia

    Hi all, real nervous and new and almost completely inexperienced, looking to chat, feel welcomed and comfortable, and am keen to meet people and join in if possible. Any feel free to DM me, for meeting or advice 😊
  2. Xray_Knot

    howdy! new member from Australia :)

    Hey there, had an account on here a while ago but thought id come back with a fresh account! A little bit about me... I'm 23m, currently living in Brisbane, I'm a little experienced and looking for more with more than one beast :) So if you're around locally, please dont hesitate to hit me up...
  3. J

    Hi everyone, 18 m bi in brisbane here

    I've chatted to a lot of like minded people before but looking to connect to local people I could have a chance to meet and can't figure out how to dm on here for the life of me so I'm relying in you guys to reach out haha 😅 I'm open and don't judge anyone, not new to beast myself despite my age...