1. Redwood93292

    Legal age?

    What is the legal age in your country
  2. Prestigio98

    Student, New, from Germany

    Hey! I'm 24, Student, from south germany :) I'm gay, and new in this zoo-thing. I like dogs and welllll, i don't know what else to say, but i would like to meet and to talk with new people, maybe around my age (>31) . I'm really nice to everyone and i respect every opinion and kinks :D i would...
  3. Theldryn

    Nice little introduction

    OKAY FIRST REAL POST! My name is Daan (18), I live in the east of the Netherlands (EU) I was allowed to take our lovely German shepherd when I left to leave home. That was a round 8 months ago. His name is Max and he is super good to me! p.s.: i love RP, so hit me up
  4. I

    Есть желание познакомится с парнем, я парень, с Москвы...

    Хочу пазнакомится с парнем, и вместе иногда шалить. Я с Москвы, но ищу по все стране... работаю программистом и на себя, могу работать в любом месте и городе. Ты до 30 и не полный. Мне за 30 но выгляжу на 28. Пишите фото в личку. Не готов на встречу - не пиши. Фото мое.