1. B

    Ladies. What’s it like being with a boar.

    Ladies. I have been wondering what it actually feels like to have a boar breeding you. What does it feel like? Does he actually go through the cervix? What does it feel like soon as he pumps cum in you?
  2. B

    Questions about sex between women and boar/pig.

    Hi, I created this thread to ask some questions about sex between women and boar. Everyone is warmly welcomed too. Women who have had this experience answer my question please. I would be very grateful if it could be said in details. I am obsessed with a question for some time now, I just...
  3. S

    How is with boar/pig? (sensation,curiosities,anatomy)

    Hi! I wasn't very interested in wild boar, but I discovered several interesting things about them, mainly about your sperm by the amount and your gelatinous appearance! I would like to know as much information about them, but I can't find anything very specific, only the basic, this specific...
  4. wilddog1234

    Women guide for boar sex

    Need guidance from experienced members for boar sex.