1. B

    Bi Curious Married Male - Ontario, Canada

    Looking to chat with people
  2. B

    Girls into Guys who likes getting it?

    Do they exist? 😁 (and/or even prefer over themselves?) Asking for a friend. 😅 Take it easy, I'm just a curious mind. 😛
  3. Bad & Blue

    Hi potential new friendos

    New here, obviously. Relatively inexperienced, though not entirely. But that's mainly due to lack of opportunity, hoping some day to change that. For now I live vicariously through all of you and your amazing experiences, lifestyles, and shared content. All I manage to do is the occasional...
  4. blondegirl313

    Hi from a 25F in the US

    Hi, everyone! I'm relatively new to the zoo community. I was introduced to it through porn by a guy I was talking to a few months back and am just starting to explore the community. I fall on bisexual end of the spectrum when it comes to humans, straight when it comes to dogs. I'd love to chat...
  5. TheSaracenOfMidnight

    Bi zoo guy

    Hey I just stumbled upon this forum and am interested in meeting new friends and eventually meeting up for some fun. I'm very open minded and open to all. Anyone feel free to Pm me
  6. E minor

    I wanna have some zoo friends

    Hello, I’m new in zoo-community (although I was zoo all time I live) and it would be nice if I had zoos in my circle of friends as reliable fellows and advisors I can trust. If you’re sexually attracted to animals with fur (fluffy breeds of canines, felines and other similar species) like I am...
  7. D

    Gliwice Katowice okolice

    Hejka! Nowy tutaj (no nie taki nowy, bywałem trochu na beastforum czy przed atakiem na zooville), po prostu konto nowe ;p M20 Bi, szukam kogoś aby miło spędzić czas np pogadać czy pograć w coś, czy ew porobić różne ciekawe rzeczy :3 jakby PW było ciche (wchodzenie na fora wymaga trochu wolnej...
  8. Z

    Are you bisexual?

    This thread is meant to complement an already-existing thread about bisexuality. The reason for the creation of this thread is that the other thread about bisexuality does not have a poll -- this thread has a poll. Note that the poll choices are in addition to zoosexuality. So, for example, one...